Cargowise Projects

Cargowise Projects

Infologia Technology And Our Software Suites

At Infologia Tech, we offer a suite of best-in-class tools and processes to jump start technology deployment and improve business performance, implemented by our experienced and skilled team of experts.

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Transactional data from , Sending Agent TMS to CW1

  • FTP Folder
  • Read XML file from FTP
  • Insert XML data into SQL server
  • Conversion to CW1 format
  • Upload XML data into CW1 using CW1 API

Container tracking , milestones info fetching from 3’rd party portal to CW1

  • Get the container details from database details from database
  • Update container details into middleware server SQL
  • Check to container details in Shipsgo website using Shipsgo API
  • Get the needed details from Shipsgo website
  • Update the container details into Cargowise details into Cargowise using Cargowise API

CW1 API for , payable Transaction Data Automation

  • If there no data in CW1 Json will returns empty message.
  • API and CW1 middleware
  • Get organization details in json format
  • Shipment, Consol and HBL or BL
  • Data available in CW1 json format data’s will show
  • Get Organization details

Middleware server ,Data warehousing and Dashboards layer

  • Read XML file from Outbound folder
  • Split XML file as edocs, shipment, Consol and organization
  • Check the data new or already existing
  • Inert or update splitted data into respective tables.
  • Once read and insert completed XML file moved to saved folder.

CargoWise e Adaptor solutions

  • CW1 e Adaptor
  • Read XML file from folder
  • Insert XML data into SQL server
  • Convert SQL data into customer XML format
  • Upload XML data into customer FTP