Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Dynamic Website

Dynamic Web page is a web page that changes as per the requirements provided by the user or the computer program. It displays varied contents each time the page is viewed Webpage design, web design, web development plays a vital role in your business site success. While web design covers the graphics and layout of your site, web development is the core coding that holds your web applications together.

Dynamic website Designing is suitable for that kind of business houses were details about their products and services are keep changing frequently, With the help of control panel the administrator of the website can change the desired products and information on their website. Classic Web Designs is specialized dynamic website designing company in India and our designs are visually attractive, user-friendly and deliver the message simply and effectively.

As dynamic websites are data base oriented websites which keeps your data safe and secure. It also provides services such as online-shops, paying by credit card and so on. Dynamic web development also provides the option to access one or more people who can edit the website with different permissions.

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Static Website

Infologia Technologies specializes in providing a professional and high quality and creative web designing services, We have a team of creative, highly talented and in-depth knowledge about graphic web designs.

We create complete and smooth flexibility websites to market to score a desired result with Making the design Google Friendly and navigation user friendly this increase your website's visibility, raise brand awareness and maximize engagement with your target audience to bring more visitors.

A static website is the medium for the business to set its first step in the digital or online presence. As we say first impression is the best impression, a business website is the first impression for your business and it is the platform to set forth your business presence online and for acquiring more and more online users.

Static website otherwise a Basic Website is a first and foremost essential thing for all the business aiming to make it's first step in the online world.

Responsive Web Design - We also create Responsive websites that are mobile friendly websites. Yes, we create responsive web design to provide an optimal viewing experience to customers from various devices like mobile, tablets, iPhones, Desktops etc.

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  • Easy design and development
  • Cost effective
  • Easy navigation
  • User friendly interface
  • It is faster to transfer on slow connections

Responsive Web Design

Infologia Technologies is best responsive web design company in Chennai. Our developers aim to deliver on optimized website experience on devices with different widths and different resolutions: Personal Computer, notebook, tablet, mobile phone, etc.

As the more and more users are now accessing the internet through their mobile devices, mobile websites are getting greater attention. We can make sure that your website loads graphics before the attention of the user wanes and that it is easy to navigate.

We also review your content presentation and ensure that it doesn’t appear in illegible and cluttered chunks but is readable parts and subparts. Best responsive Web design company in Chennai will make your website responsive, so that it can expertly adapt to the different devices that the users might use to access it

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  • It saves you both time and cost
  • Get an easy to manage website
  • Efficient websites have a lower bounce rates
  • Make your website search engine friendly
  • Enhance the experience of your audience


Infologia Technologies is one of the best Ecommerce Website Designing & Development Company in Chennai. We offer E-Commerce design process in Chennai to ensure you increase in conversion rates. We incorporate your website with social media to help users communicate with you online.

E-commerce websites can multiply your customers and lift your profits. Consumers also can enjoy the comfort of shopping sitting at home. You can find all major brands right from apparels, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, groceries to even medium sized businesses, vegetable vendors selling their products at a click of the button.

E-commerce websites can multiply your customers and lift your profits. Consumers also can enjoy the comfort of shopping sitting at home. You can find all major brands right from apparels, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, groceries to even medium sized businesses, vegetable vendors selling their products at a click of the button.

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Customized Web Development

Infologia Technologies delivers cutting-edge, customised website by utilizing the newest, modern and a stable website coding practice.

Customized Website design is more than the colour scheme, images, text and fonts of your website. It is specifically designed based on customized requirements of customers to increase the business online presence.

With custom web design , every custom attributes are specifically designed with an aim of targeting users in digital platform.

We believe that custom web design is prominent in creating an effectual and efficacious solution to attract more online users who are originating from mobile devices (smartphone, tablet etc). A customized website design acts as the sole responsibility for generating highly positive ROI (Return On Investment).

Infologia Technologies offers world-class customized website development and web application development that ranges from developing small business websites for startups, small to large scale Industry horizons.

We have a recognizable customized development work portfolio that includes client from the diverse business sector and we have carried through different types of custom development process such as custom developed E-commerce, CMS, Mobile Application, Website development and more.

Our dedicated experts will provide a coherent customized web development solutions meticulously taking care of every need of the client and conceptualizing into a world-class product.

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This uniqueness will likewise separate your site from your competitors, enabling you to build your site around the customer voyage and concentrating the design and development of the narrative that your customers are most feasible.


It enables you to completely ignore the irrelevant functionality and bloatware. In addition to avoiding unnecessary functionality, building each of the functions for your site enables you to optimize the functionality with the design, in addition reducing load times.

Functionality Optimized for Your Business

One of the biggest and most important reasons to custom build your website is the ability to optimize it for your business. Although you can do a lot with open source CMSs, this is the most essential part.

Flexibility and Scalability

It enables you to make it on account of scalability. It is more flexible to change as you as you don’t have to work with superfluous functionality to update your site.


Using a company that builds web software wipes out a lot of these risks through two of these easy processes- Always develop with SSL in mind and their source code will be restrictive.